Sunday, 12 May 2013

Chancel Repair Liability Flowchart for a PCC


I hope my flow chart is self explanatory and will need little help from me on this blog.


I hope I have covered virtually  virtually all possible land based liabilities but I may well update it over the next couple of weeks to cover the couple of rare liabilities that are missing and to sort out a few typos. Non land based liabilities like corn rents if they still exist are omitted.

Rectory Glebe

A  wise person wanted me to make it clear that any glebe that has been owned by the incumbent from the reformation until today never has the liability. Glebe that does have the liability is hard to locate and in the only case I have seen it it is marked as 'impropriated' glebe is on a tithe apportionment. On occasion land given in lieu of tithes will be listed as glebe on an Enclosure award (Aston Cantlow). Any glebe listed on a church's  glebe terrier will not have the liability. There is even some debate if impropriated glebe should take the liability but for a PCC I believe the assumption should be that it does.

PCC Information 

I only covered what I thought was the minimum of information a PCC should have before making a reasonable decision. In some places other factors may be considered such as do the land owners know they have the liability or not.


The flow chart and is found on the top left hand corner of my chancel repair liability links webpage. 

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