Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Barlow and Brayton Chancel Repair Liability update 2

Further Research

I have done a little more digging and in the parish of Brayton there were several  parliamentary enclosure one in the area of Hambleton but there seems to be no plan for that award. The other is the area of  'Brayton, Thorpe, Willoughby, Burton Hall etc' From house of commons paper 44  it says

This means that one seventh of the land was set aside for the owner of the tithes split between the Archbishop, Lord of the manor and the vicar.
Any land given to the Vicar has now lost the liability under the term of the 1923 Ecclesiastical Dilapidations  Measure  or it is possible it never had liability because it was for the small or Vicar's tithes.
The Lord of the Manor and the Archbishop's allotments will still carry the liability and the actual location of these places should be be found by reference to the Enclosure award and plan probably  located at the West Riding Record office.

The Archbishop's Allotment 

All the Archbishops land and liabilities eventually came into the hands of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners after 1840 and if the land in Bratyon parish bearing the liability  was still owned by the Archbishop on the date it was handed over to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners then there is a vague possibility that the current owners of this land could be indemnified by the current Church Commissioners.

The Householders of Barlow

If I was a householder of Barlow I would certainly wish to know if the PCC had researched the Enclosure award in the areas now known as Thorpe Willoughby, Gateforth and Lund farm. There is a possibility that the people of Barlow could register other land bearing the liability elsewhere although it is normally considered that only a PCC can register.

Update 2

It would seem that this is a bit of a storm in a tea cup and that the local PCC are not pursing the liability maybe I shouldn't rely on the press..(hence the disappearance of the original update).

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