Saturday, 31 August 2013

Files to assist PCC's in Researching Chancel Repair Liability

My Church's website has been taken out by some low life  who has got nothing better to do than wreck people's hard work and so PCC assistance files and research files can now be found via the links below.

PCC Assistance Files

To assist PCC's in their research and decision making I have these two files a flow chart (here) and general action sheet (here). Reading tithe and enclosure documentation is hard and to help with this I have created a simple guide although it does not cover all eventualities (here).

Enclosure Award Files

As a  side effect of helping parishes in Lichfield diocese I started recording parishes that had an enclosure award, an enclosure act an enclosure plan and a lay rector and I did not stop until I found everything I could possibly find. These lists also note the record office at which the information is held.
 Theses two lists are not exhaustive of every enclosure award that has the liability with a plan since some are not recorded in my primary resources of House of Commons papers 44 and 30. There will be enclosure plans in existence that I could not find because they are either not on a national database or the names of the parishes/ areas have changed and I could not cross reference with modern names and hence missed  the information. These files can help short circuit the local research but do not assume that since I have not found the information that it does not exist.

All Enclosure awards between 1757 and 1771 probably with the liability and noting a plan if I could find it and additional information found here.

Enclosure awards after 1771 with the liability and a plan and a note of where the plan is found here

More files

A copy of the presentation for Lincoln diocese is found here.
A list of all the terms used in explaining chancel repair liability with a short explanation  is found here 
I have created versions of  my enclosure awards for various counties of the country and if you want one of those please contact me. 

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