Thursday, 31 October 2013

Another update on Gorleston Chancel Repair Liability

PCC just can't stop registering

To be frank this seems like madness they could have chosen the reputational damage route or almost anything else but no they have registered the liability on another tranche of homes. I don't know how many but I heard there was another 1000 letters pending.

Financial  benefit? 

On a financial side I believe it is slightly bonkers since if the liability is apportioned the compounding value on a house is going to be probably between £5 and £10 and then the compounding money has to go into a special fund and so  I cannot believe that the legal costs in themselves would justify this action..
I am aware of many churches with apportioned chancel repair liability who came to the conclusion it would be silly based on expense to register the liability even forgetting the damage it does to the reputation of the church..


On balance I cannot see what positive news there is for Gorleston church for this action or positive benefit for the church in general. 


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