Saturday, 12 October 2013

Moment of fame has past...

The One Show and Chancel Repair Liability

My opinion is that it was  on balance it was a fair representation of the facts and as they used me as one of their resources I am bound to say that. Yes they may have  focused on the human side but I consider that was reasonable because chancel repair liability might be obscure and odd but it can have some concerning side effects

Any way after my exciting if brief appearance  on the BBC 'One Show' about chancel repair liability and the semi deadline for registration having past I, hopefully, can look forward to fewer phone calls e-mails but someone how I feel I might be disappointed Yet, anyway I have always planned to end this blog sometime between now and Christmas and that still remains my plan.
In case your wondering I really don't do flower arranging and barely notice they exist hence I am currently suffering a lot of teasing..

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