Thursday, 2 October 2014

October 13th and Chancel Repair Liability part 2


I have spoken to several people recently who believe my analysis that the October 13th 2013 is correct and there was no change in the law pre and post that date with regards to the transfer of the liability from one owner to another owner. This means that people can still buy land with the liability despite the advice that can be read on virtually every other website who cover this subject.

Lets hope both landowners and Solicitors have insurance to cover any mistakes.


This means that one way to change the situation is to define what Chancel repair liability by law is and with it change either the 1932 Chancel Act or  land registration law. The other way is to simply compensate all PCC's who have churches who have Chancel repair liability and to get rid of the liability from all Lay Rectors as proposed by Lord Avebury. 

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